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Aquarius Awakening at Wanted Design Manhattan

Excited to be part of the selected @wanteddesign Manhattan Launch Pad participants for 2022!

Join me at the @javitscenter with @icff_official and @wanteddesign next May 15-17, 2022

Use our code: EXIV871409 to register for a FREE Trade Fair Pass, and join Mirei Monticelli at #ICFF + #WantedDesignManhattan 2022 at LAUNCH PAD.

As the sun sets, the sky turns a deep rich purple, and the Milky Way sparkles in the depths of space, Aquarius soars majestically through the sky. She loves the feeling of the wind on her skin and the way the moon makes her hair shimmer. Aquarius - the water Bearer, is embodied in this cascading floor lamp and is expressed in the sinuous curves of the special textile made from Banaca fabric.

This lamp is made from banaca textile. This textile is a woven fabric that is composed mainly of fiber from the banana-abaca tree. This material is durable and highly malleable, and the banana-abaca trees are grown sustainably by farmers in the Philippines. Once the banana-abaca trees are old enough, the farmers harvest the trunks and bring them to the community, where weavers use time-tested, traditional methods to produce the final product.

Hope to see you there!

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