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Casa del Cielo, conceived by the talented sculptural lighting artist Mirei Monticelli, is set to enchant visitors at Milan Design Week 2024. This installation stands as a sanctuary of serenity, dreams, and transformation, inviting attendees into an otherworldly retreat crafted from Monticelli’s distinctive use of the banaca textile.

Sponsored by the real estate agency @immobilbiella and contractor @opimm.ristrutturazioni, Casa del Cielo promises an immersive experience where the ethereal beauty of clouds and light is captured through each sculptural lighting piece. Monticelli’s work embodies a mesmerizing blend of art and design, where the celestial allure of the sky is woven into tangible forms, creating an environment that transcends the ordinary and beckons visitors to explore the bounds of imagination and creativity.

📍 Visit us at Via Varese 6
⏰ From 11:00 to 18:00 hrs.

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