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From Salone Satellite to RINASCENTE

SaloneSatellite and La Rinascente have joined forces again for the 7th year running, opening  the doors of the department store to 9 international designers and design studios selected at the 2019 edition of the trade fair. From 17th October to 25th December, 14 very exclusive products, distinguished by their use and treatment of materials, environmental friendliness and huge eclecticism and positivity, will be on display and on sale at the Design Supermarket. These pieces channel a look that gives prominence to pure lines and shapes, exploring new intelligent yet poetic solutionsancient materials and traditional techniques. They are products informed by intuition and simple actions and are a combination of technology, craftsmanship and emotion. Come visit the DESIGN SUPERMARKET at RINASCENTE The pieces by Studiomirei in Milan are repositories of traditional craftsmanship, because this is a way of further exploration of sustainability. Mirei Monticelli doesn’t just revisit the past, but infuses it with new content and aesthetic definitions. The Nebula Lamp series is representative of this approach, made from a natural fiber obtained from the Banana-Abaca plant, whose properties enable voluminous shapes to be carved and modeled while maintaining their lightness and transparency.

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