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From May 15-17 at Wanted Design Manhattan

Aquarius Awakening

As the sun sets, the sky turns a deep rich purple, and the Milky Way sparkles in the depths of space, Aquarius soars majestically through the sky. She loves the feeling of the wind on her skin and the way the moon makes her hair shimmer. Aquarius - the water Bearer, is embodied in this cascading floor lamp and is expressed in the sinuous curves of the special textile made from Banaca fabric.

00 Aquarius from Mirei Monticelli.jpg
00 Aquarius from Mirei Monticelli.jpg

The vastness of the universe has always amazed me. For as long as humans have walked on Earth, we’ve always looked to something greater than us for clarity and strength. Looking to the heavens, the planets and stars has always served us to satiate our curiosity and desire to understand.

05 Aquarius from Mirei Monticelli.jpg

I created the Aquarius lamp during a time of great anxiety and uncertainty, and found myself at peace with a lamp resembling the flowing water that the Aquarius bears.

The aquarius is lovingly handcrafted in our studio in Milan. 

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